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            The anonymous author of the book of Hebrews tells us that the resurrection of the dead and the study of eternal judgment are foundational, elementary doctrines (Heb 6:1–3). That after two thousand years so much debate and disagreement still surrounds this topic is ironic. I pray that the Great Physician (Mark 2:17; Luke 4:23) will anoint us with a healing balm of Gilead (Jer 8:22), so that someday soon there may be a consensus and unity within the church about this important set of doctrines. I do not necessarily insist that my interpretation is correct; I only insist that we hearken to Scripture, and not to tradition.

            First, so that you may know who I am and where I am coming from: I am a conservative evangelical protestant, born again, rather conservative, historically premillennial, non-dispensational, Bible-believing, Jesus imitating Christian. I was brought up Baptist; currently I attend a rock solid Bible believing Full Gospel church.

            I have never written a book before and have no formal training in theology.  Luckily for me, “God chose the foolish things of the world” 1 Cor 1:27.  My study is the old fashioned way: by reading and prayer.    My unpretentious demeanor, yet well anchored exegesis, will impress both laity and professionals.   I wouldn’t call it experience, but my background is:

- Christian for over 30 years

-Self taught, loves to read and study Bible

-Teaches Sunday School at church

-Promotes mission effort at church.   I love to travel and enjoy foreign missions.

-Lived and studied in Jerusalem, Israel during college

-Knowledgeable with original languages, archaeological/historical background and Middle Eastern context.

-Not Torah observant, but emphasizes our Hebraic roots and rabbinic studies.

-Fellowships and appeals inclusively across denominational and tradition lines. I can learn from and be blessed by Catholics, Orthodox, Baptists, Lutherans, Adventists, and Pentecostals.

-Married 20 plus years with 2 teenage children

-BA Ancient History/Political Science, minor Art History- University of Vermont 1987

-Currently lives in rural Texas, works with a family owned commercial general contractor



Unless you are dogmatically positive that you already know all of the answers about the afterlife, I would encourage you to review Dead Soul Syndrome.   It will provoke thought even if you disagree with some of my conclusions.

 I encourage readers to respond by email after reviewing the book or any of the bible studies with comments and questions.   I am not stubbornly defensive, and am hoping to learn more about the Scriptures-just like you.  Whatever your feelings on this topic, I hope you will have an open mind, and be blessed by the Spirit of the Almighty.   I hope this book will spark our curiosity and inspire study on 'the deep things of God' (1 Corinthians 2:10).

Contact me: jay "at" deadsoulsyndrome "dot" com.