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I hope you enjoy and profit from the following bible studies. If you enjoy the style of writing and depth of study, then you will probably enjoy my book too. These studies give you the chance to learn how I think, before you purchase the book.  Feel free to download PowerPoints for your own teaching ministries. All materials may be freely copied or distributed for the glory of Jesus and edification of His church with reference given and not for financial profit.

Synopsis of Dead Soul Syndrome in PowerPoint - Spoiler Alert. This gives away the crux of the book.

Trichotomy of Body Soul and Spirit - Study of the triune nature of humans. Very important to understanding the platform of Dead Soul Syndrome.

Enoch and Elijah - Did they go to heaven before Jesus rose from the dead? Another important lesson with further clarification of Dead Soul Syndrome teaching. Learn why Jesus is prime and the very first human to beat death.  Click this download for PowerPoint with a more pictorial format inlcuding most of this information and some additional about thier fate.

The New Birth in PDF- what does it mean to be "born again"? An excellent study for the reality of the spiritman of believers.   Available as PowerPoint here for your own teaching ministry.

Traducianism -  very short study of a new vocabulary word.

Asiety- Another great word to build your theological vocabulary.

Israel and the Church- What is the difference and relationship between these two groups? A study in Olive Tree theology.

A Regional Anti-Christ Beast and a Regional Flood of Noah?  - A study of universal emphatic rhetoric (hyperbole) as used in Scripture.

EDOM PowerPoint - History and prophecy of Edom. A fascinating study of the Bosrah deliverance. God will protect the righteous during the Great Tribulation in the land of Edom.

The Rapture - Learn why I am an historic pre-millennialist. The rapture should more correctly be called the Great Welcoming committee. Print or save the entire study with this Rapture PDF. It is about 70 pages, but don't get too worried it has large font and huge margins.

Daniel 9:27 - A futurist but non-dispensational interpretation of antichrist stopping sacrifices and giving the abomination of desolation.

Daniel 11 - Exegesis of the entire chapter. The Ptolemaic and Seleucid history is fascinating. Yet it still has prophetic meaning for the future.

2Thes 2:3-4   - He sits in the temple displaying himself to be God. This interpretation uses the Islamic schema with this man as the False Prophet.

Isa 28  -  This prophecy tells about Israel making a "covenant with death." It was historically fulfilled in 588BC for protection against Babylon. It will have a future fulfillment in the end-times and I propose that the USA is implicated.

"This generation shall not pass" -  Now over 60 years since the formation of the State of Israel, what did Jesus mean by this cryptic statement?

Jonah's Resurrection - As a prefiguring of Christ, it is mistaken to think that the wayward prophet survived for 72 hours underwater.

Candlemas - Early February is the traditional end of the Christmas season. The presentation of the child in Luke 2 holds interesting details about redemption of the first born and purification rites of women. This study synthesizes NT with OT with fresh insight often overlooked by Christians.

Festival of Tabernacles - This study reviews the Israelite fall festival of booths.   It studies the history, agriculture, and prophecy of the feast. Much can be learned as a modern by listening to the ancients.

Timing of Christmas - Jesus was certainly not born on December 25. Discover the time when His birth took place.

Jesus Daytimer - Recreated calendar for Jesus Christ during Passion week. What day was he crucified on? What is the significance of Aviv 17? An interesting and popular study.

Beloved Disciple - Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved? Surprisingly, it probably was not John.

Timing of Easter -   Easter is connected with the Festival of Firstfruits. In the year of Christ's death it happened to fall on the 17th of Aviv.

Apocrypha - Learn about the extra books found in Catholic Bibles and why Protestants should read and study these ancient Jewish texts.

Ha'selah Ha'adom - Traditional Israeli song.

How many were crucified with Christ? -   We have traditionally been taught that there were a total of 3 crosses on Calvary. Could there have been 5 crosses? More importantly, how stubborn are you to even listen to such an idea?

Islam in prophecy part 1 ;  Islam part 2 ; Islam part 3 ; Islam part 4

A detailed study about the nature of the beast and forthcoming Antichrist. Exegesis of Dan 2 Nebuchadnezzar's statue. Dan 7 vision of 4 beasts correlated to Rev 13 the beast with 7 heads. Presented from a cultural context with an understanding of history. The disturbing conclusion is that Islam will someday develop into a vast empire which will invade Israel and martyr most believers of Jesus. The theory is fascinating and should be read in order.   Islam PDF    -    Entire study in printable form. About 41pages with large margins for note taking and highlighting.

Witnessing to Muslims - After reading the above studies, This one will once again help us to love our neighbors and share the love of Christ.

Demonology 101 -  How do demons work in today's world? This study helps to answer many questions about the nature of evil spirits, their power and purpose. It also discusses occultic behavior.   Should Christians read Harry Potter or go trick-or-treating? It is good for believers to know their enemy.

Satan's Defeat - In Rev 12 there is a great battle between angels and demons. When does this happen? When is Satan defeated and cast out of heaven?

The Name of God - YHWH, the Tetragrammaton, has been shrouded with over protection for centuries. This study learns the history of God's personal first name.   PowerPoint of same study is available to download for your own teaching resource.

A critique of the Amillennial view of Revelation 20- The binding of satan offers a serious expository problem for the Amillennial view.

Chiasm of Revelation  -  Parallel loops of the Revelavtion organized into chiastic poetry.

Seals-Trumpets and Vials   - Study of the Revelation plagues levied against the beast of the Great Tribulation.  They are probably not sequential and may greatly overlap.

El Shaddai  - A very short study of only 2 words. One of the most ancient names of God is misinterpreted as God Almighty in most English versions. Learn what it really means and why it is my favorite name of God.

Immanuel child - Isaiah 7 contains a prophecy which is both messianic and military. It is dualistic, two prophecies in one.

Extruded Inspiration - God's inspiration of Scripture pressed His word out from a human vessel.

The Absolute BEST Bible Translation -  Finally, the real answer from the Bible itself as to which version is the best.

Anointed by a Sinful Woman - The touching story in Luke 7 of a woman of ill repute washing and drying Jesus' feet with her own tears and hair has very deep meaning for those with a cultural understanding and a little reading between the lines.

Nazirites - A study of the shaggy priests from Numbers 6.

Parallelism - This study will roll over you in repetitive waves.