Dead Soul Syndrome

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Endorsements of Dead Soul Syndrome have come from scholars, clergy, and layman. Below are a sampling.

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"Perhaps you are one who finds your convictions regarding heaven and hell comfortably satisfying. If so, you may be exactly the person who needs to read Dead Soul Syndrome. If you desire to further develop your viewpoint on these important biblical subjects, you definitely will want to read this book. Altieri answers many questions about the afterlife magnificently. This book is a must read for those have struggled with the biblical data. This book will force you to think outside the traditional ecclesiastical box. The author is premillennial in his viewpoint, but this doesn't detract from his well researched, well documented, and challenging manuscript."
Steven Clarke Goad,
Church of Christ minister and author of This Present Chaos, Gullible's Travels, A Man Called Kelsey, Kicking Against the Goads, and A Unity Cordial


"I am pleased to count Jay Altieri a personal acquaintance as well as a Christian brother. I also feel a bond with him as one whose own research and writing has been done, for the most part, while earning a living in a separate pursuit. I commend Jay's careful study and expression of its results, even where I differ, and especially his work regarding the final end of the unredeemed."

 —Edward William Fudge, Author, The Fire That Consumes