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Some excellent reader questions with answers are reproduced below.  Please contact me with more tough questions.    If your question is exceptionally difficult, I retain the right to plead ignorance and claim Ps 35:11 as my own: “They question me on things I know nothing about.”

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Why did God tell Joshua to kill the Canaanites? And Why did God tell Moses in Numbers 15 to stone a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath?  Does the God of the OT show harsh arbitrary killing?


Why does Jesus admit in Mat 24:36 that he himself doesn't know the timing of his own second coming?   If Jesus was God and God knows everything, then shouldn't Jesus know everything?


I have a friend who keeps the Sabbath. He asks "Who negated the 4th commandment?"  Do Christians need to obey the law of Moses?


Did Jesus raise himself from the dead?   An excellent observation from chapter 4 of my book.


Doesn't your version of hell amount to Purgatory where the wicked can pay off their debts? - A question that I've encountered answered here.